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You are a bioelectrical being

Everything on this earth has a frequency, including you. For decades, biomedical engineers have been able to detect the range of frequencies at which specific human cells vibrate.  Medical devices have been invented to use these very same frequencies to heal.

If we could tap into the frequency that our organs are operating on, we could essentially rewire the circuit using frequency

The human body has more than one hundred million cells. Much like a battery, with a positive and negative charge, each cell is positively charged on the outer wall and negatively charged inside. Every cell generates its own electrical activity and a magnetic field. A healthy cell has an electrical charge of about seventy- ninety millivolts. When the  body is diseased or poorly nourished, a cell’s membrane charge reduces to 30 millivolts, which is insufficient for the transportation of nutrients into the cell. Over time the lack of nutrients makes the body more susceptible to disease, mood disorders and overall aging.

We are wavelength ~ our mission is to educate, promote and use frequency based technologies to tune the body on a cellular level. We believe that the human body is constantly recalibrating to return to the status quo. Sometimes we just need a little extra push in the right direction – a cellular road map to get us where we need to go in a safe and efficient manner.  

How can frequency therapy benefit the brain?

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